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teaching empathy driven action

For over a decade, I have been an international Leadership Communications Coach for corporations, senior executives, attorneys, and doctors. I have worked with Twitter, PWC, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, POAL, Grant Thornton, and YPO Singapore.


I founded Sonderbridge, a coaching firm that takes the mastery of strategic communication to the next level.


Our vision is to transform empathy into action. 


Our mission is to significantly increase any company or individual’s ability to influence, connect, and grow financially through the APACE METHOD. This strategy of Activating (the core tenets of) Persuasion, Authenticity, Connection, and Empathy is designed to help anyone to elevate their reputation and deepen the impact they have in their given field. 


By leveraging the active engagement of curiosity and rigorous role-play, our students learn to use spontaneity and flexibility to create empathy-driven scenarios that lead to win-win outcomes. Our high-impact training is always accompanied by an improvisational environment that is as strategic and practical as it is fun. 


For more information, email me at


I look forward to exploring this productive and mind opening environment with you. Together we will find exciting new solutions to the myriad trials that your professional world presents.

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